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Wefarm is a Nigeria's largest digital market for farmers and buyers. It's a platform for buying and selling quality and healthy Agricultural produce. We provide the largest varieties of Agricultural produce ranging from domestic consumables to industrial Agricultural products.

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What we do

Our Produce Is Mainstay For Us

Wefarm enables you to advertize your farm produce,meet your buyer and sell your farm produce on the platform, all you need to do is choose from the list of store plans highlighted below. Store Plan varies, so choose from the categories with the price highlighted below

Fruit & Vegetable

We have fresh and healthy fruit and vegetables that have been meticulously stocked with highest consideration of hygiene. Fruits and vegetables contain important vitamins, minerals and plant chemicals. They also contain fibre. We have many varieties of fruit and vegetables for your consumption.

Meat & Eggs

When you think of rich source of protein, vitamins and minerals then you must think of meat and Egg. WeFarm has fresh meat and eggs for consumption. We provide quality and hygienic supply of beef and eggs in classic and commercial quantity.

Milk & Cheese

Fresh diary products are available at WeFarm. Our diary products are from the most hygienic processing and they are verified quality for healthy consumption. We have it in quantity that meets your demand.

Rice & Corn

We have quality and uninfected cereal like Rice and Corn. Our cereal are harvested from farms that maintain quality cultivation that meets the global standard. Our rice and corn are processed to the finest state possible.

Featured Products

Our Product Are Highest Quality

POTATO (per small basket)
Chicken (per KG)
PLANTAIN (per bunch of 20)
YAM (per 5tubers)
MELON SEED (per 100kg sac)
PEPPER (per bowl)
ONION (per  100KG sac)
BEANS (HONEY) per 50kg bag
RICE (per 50kg bag)